About Colored Caramel

Colored Caramel is a publisher driven by a small but vibrant team of creators and artists. We put all of our energy into creating unique (coloring) books. 

Our books cover different styles - from super sweet kawaii, cute & creepy pastel goth, zombies, animals, gnomes, puns, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and more!

Behind each book, there is a lot of research, brainstorming, hard work, and love. 

Our process
First, we decide on the theme – we always try to combine our inspiration with the wishes of our fans. Then the fun process of creation begins. We put together ideas and instructions for each illustration in the book.

In the next step, we bring ideas to life and draw the illustrations. When we are 100% happy with the illustrations, all that is missing is the cover. To create one, we choose our favorite design and color it. Finally, the book is ready to go out into the world, and we hope it will make many people happy.

What coloring means to us

We love art, and we believe one can find and express it in different ways. We believe creativity opens the door to new ideas and calmness and brings happiness and excitement. We want to show you – our lovely customer, that you are very creative and that there is an artist inside of you. And, through our coloring books, we want to connect with you and create some unique creations by combining our illustrations with your unique way of coloring them.

Thank you for coming along on our journey,
The Colored Caramel team

what you will find on our website

The whole collection of our coloring books that we are constantly expanding.

Testimonials and flip-through videos from our fans & collaborators.

Links to all of the marketplaces where you can get your favorite Colored Caramel coloring book.

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